Target Group was founded in 1975 as a representation and consulting firm specializing in shooting ran

Issue 7 - January 2008


Over the past 30 years, Target Group has gained considerable experience in designing and building shooting ranges, with more than 50 turnkey shooting range projects completed to

date. During this time, Target Group has been distributing some of the world’s best shooting equipment and accessories for competition shooting. Target Group also designs and manufactures laser marksmanship training systems for small arms and has an exclusive worldwide marketing agreement with L-3 MPRI, USA. In addition, Target Group also designs and builds complete live-fire training facilitiesfor Urban Warfare training, Close Quarter Battle (CQB) training as well as Counter-Terrorism training. Target Group not only supplies complete shooting ranges and training facilities, it also provides training services for marksmanship training, urban warfare training, as well as sniper training.


Target Group manufactures proprietary bullet containment systems under the trademark of TARCON

(TARget CONcrete). TARCON is a safe and cost effective bullet containment system which can safely absorb bullet impacts from thousands of rounds of ammunition. By varying the density

and the thickness of TARCON, it can be used effectively against a wide range of ammunition. Using TARCON, Target Group designs and builds complete live-fire training facilities for Urban Warfare training as well as Counter-Terrorism training. In cooperation with its international

solution partners, Target Group can design and build complete training villages equipped with bullet containment systems, remote controlled moving and stationary targets, cameras and other necessary equipment to allow military units to train for Urban Warfare or Counter-Terrorist operations with the utmost reality. Specializing in small arms training systems, training acilities as well as training services over the past 30 years, Target Group is well on its way to

becoming a “Center of Excellence” for small arms training solutions in the region.