In order to meet the requirements of the Naval Forces Command and subsequent to the constructi

Date: Issue 29 - July 2011

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Defence Vecdi Gönül said: “Today our military shipbuilding industry has reached the stage where it can design and build our warships. In this way the opportunity to independently meet the requirements of our Naval Forces Command and our other security forces has taken place. As a result, the effective protection of our national interests in the seas through national production has been made possible as of today. In the history of the Republic, our activities in establishing a naval fleet that started by obtaining all ships from overseas, progressed with ships built in military shipyards and in this respect important accumulation of knowledge was obtained. Within the framework of our Ministry’s objective of developing the defence industry that is open to the private sector, and under the responsibility of the domestic principal contractor’s shipyards, has been given further momentum in the last few years with steps taken in realizing military shipbuilding activities. With the temporary acceptance of TCG Karaburun that takes place today, the domestic content rate of 70% is a worthy indication of the gratification felt in the progress achieved in this area.”

In mentioning the importance they attach to the shipbuilding industry, Gönül stated: “In line with the objective of designing and building military ships in private sector shipyards, a total of 5 billion dollars in shipbuilding projects at 5 private sector shipyards in the Tuzla region has started during the last period and partial results have been obtained. With these projects a significant support was provided to the shipbuilding industry during the economic crisis period. The fact that the first new type of patrol boat built by the private sector was given the name “Tuzla” by our Naval Forces Command as the heart of our shipbuilding industry is an open indication of the large support given to our private sector.”

Minister Gönül went on to add that, “National interests in the area of the seas are increasingly gaining importance and as we all know illegal activities on the seas are also increasing as well. Controlling the seas has become on of the most important area of responsibilities of naval forces in the world. Within this framework, by enabling deterrence on the seas, protecting national interests has become an important issue. I have no doubt that these developments, in terms of task functions and cost/performance ratios will enable the “Tuzla” class ships to receive an important share in the world patrol boat class market and that it will make significant contributions to the export potential of our national defence industry.”

Later, in his remarks DEARSAN Shipbuilding Industry Chairman of the Board of Directors Baki Gökbayrak stated the following: “After we deliver our second ship today, our target will be to further increase the quality of our ships, to decrease costs that we have not considered up to now, increase the domestic content rate and to shorten turnaround time. One of the most important and the most challenging factor was to reach the 70% domestic content rate. Our target to export the first warships in our section is closely known by the authorities. At this present time where exports and domestic contribution is dealt with as a government policy and supported accordingly, the indoctrination work towards this supreme goal by the relevant organizations and personnel as a sub-goal would, in my humble opinion, provide benefits.”

After the conclusion of the remarks at the ceremony, the TCG Karaburun ship’s commission pennant and the ship safe conduct certificate was presented to the ship’s commander Captain Gültekin Selçuk Y?ld?ran by the Naval Education and Training Commander Vice Admiral Recep Bülent Bostano?lu and subsequently after the ship’s personnel, Minister of National Defence Vecdi Gönül, Undersecretary for Defence Industries Murad Bayar, Naval Education and Training Commander Vice Admiral Recep Bülent Bostano?lu boarded the ship and undertook a review after the ship got under way.

Until the year 2014, 16 similar ships will be built and whereas previously each ship cost 100 million euros in importing it from Germany they are being built at Tuzla for 24 million euros. The “Eagle” emblemed TCG Karaburun considered as ”fast, an attacker and powerful” will be on duty at Foça. The TCG Karaburun patrol boat is 55.75 m. in length and 8.85 m. in width. The ship’s maximum speed is 25 kts. and can accommodate 34 personnel and carries a 40 mm twin compact gun and two 12.7 mm stabilized machine guns with IR imaging and remote control capability.

Consisting of 16 ships within the project coverage, excluding the delivery of the TCG Tuzla and TCG Karaburun, the port acceptance tests for the TCG Köyce?iz are continuing while the TCG Kumkale is preparing for her port tests. The Tarsus is at the launching stage. Constructing and equipping the Karabiga, Kar??yaka, Tekirda? and Ka? continue. The construction of the Kilimli and Türkeli is expected to start this year. In summary, the construction, testing, delivery and warranty activities of 10 patrol boats and the project and procurement activities of the remaining 6 boats are being executed jointly.