TEI Accomplished the Delivery of the First Blisk of LEAP Engine

Issue 67 - April 2016

TEI has become the worldwide major supplier of the most preferred new generation commercial engine LEAP on account of the orders made within the last period. LEAP engine will be utilized by the Airbus A329neo and Boeing 737 aircrafts. Due to the highly complex geometries of these 5-stage compressor blisks among the parts manufactured by TEI for the aforementioned engine, TEI has become one of the limited companies in the world that is capable of producing such components. TEI will be conducting the production of the blisks at its facilities in Eskişehir and will be achieving a sale of $ 1.2 billion considering the LEAP engines’ blisks until 2035.

The delivery of the first blisk of LEAP engine was celebrated at a ceremony in which the TEI’s Board Members participated, on 25th January 2016 which was also the foundation anniversary of TEI. At the ceremony, Mr.Muharrem Dörtkaşlı, Board Chairman of TEI said, “Our company, which is the greatest air engine company of Turkey, is celebrating its 31st Anniversary and will continue its progress as a greater family by growing each day with the support of our shareholders. Today, we gathered here for celebrating our achievements regarding the production of the blisks utilized in new generation engines which are produced by limited companies in the world due to its complex manufacturing technologies, discipline and quality procedures. As TEI, we are proud to assume such an important project. Therefore, I would first of all thank to GE for their trust in TEI and to the employees of TEI for creating such a reliable atmosphere and for their fruitful performance”.