TEI - International Manufacturer and Global Design Center Providing High Quality Products and Services to the Aviation Industry

In an interview with the President and CEO of TEI, Prof. Mahmut F. AKŞİT discusses the company’s steady advance in becoming a global leader in engine manufacturing through design, production and service of globally competitive, sustainable and indigenous aviation power systems and their derivatives

Date: Issue 87 - December 2018

Defence Turkey: Let’s start with your assessment of 2018 from the perspective of TEI which set off on its journey in 1985 with the manufacturing of 12 parts. What can you say about the targets and expectations of TEI, which carries out all its projects and initiatives in line with its vision of becoming the Main Aircraft Engine Manufacturer?

Mahmut F. AKSIT: We started to operate in the field of parts manufacturing in 1985 with 12 parts, and now maintain our activities to manufacture more than 1,000 various parts for 45 different engine programs. We are now the biggest global supplier of the LEAP engine program, one of the most important projects we carry out in the field of parts manufacturing, with the business volume of US$ 2.5 billion, undertaken by us up until now, for the manufacturing of 32 different parts. We aim to increase our total sales and export figures by a minimum of 10% in 2018. We have also shown notable improvement in our national projects.