TEI-PD170 Sets Record with a 35-Hour Uninterrupted Flight

Date: Issue 126 - October 2023

Designed and produced by TEI, Türkiye's first national turbodiesel aviation engine, TEI-PD170, broke the record for the longest flight time achieved with a national aviation engine, completing an uninterrupted 35-hour flight with TUSAŞ's AKSUNGUR UAV. The TEI-PD170 engine had also previously set a record by exceeding an altitude of 30,000 feet during its earlier flights with AKSUNGUR.

TEKNOFEST, the world's largest aviation, space, and technology festival held at İzmir Çiğli Airport until October 1, attracted aviation enthusiasts with its flight demonstrations. TUSAŞ's national UAV AKSUNGUR, powered by TEI's national engine TEI-PD170, also took off from Ankara and greeted TEKNOFEST participants in the skies of İzmir.