TEI: The Power of Engine Technologies

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

Defense sector is a strategic sector reflecting the power, the weight in international relations and the development of a country depending on high technology. TEI celebrating its 30th establishment year in this challenging sector has become a big economic and strategic power for our country with the employment, turnover and exports it has generated. 

TEI, with its employees over 1500 today, is in a position to be the leader in our country and leading motor and parts producer of the world in the field of aviation motors. It is carrying on with its R&D activities with a total of almost 300 R&D engineers in its sites at the headquarter site in Eskişehir, Turkish Technology Center at Gebze and new engineering offices established in Ankara and Istanbul. As a result of the R&D activities carried on in a planned manner, TEI; honored to be worthy for the 1.prize in the Defense and Aviation category at the R&D Summit organized for the 3rd time this year; has made a nice start in 2015 during which it is celebrating its 30th establishment year.