Teknopark Istanbul’s R&D Center Cultivating Creativity and Innovation

Bilal TOPÇU Teknopark Istanbul General Manager

Date: Issue 100 - August 2020

As Teknopark Istanbul, we function as the innovation center of the Turkish defense industry. At the same time, on account of this position, we integrate the experience of a variety of sources through a range of collaborative activities.  Universities, research centers, the qualified workforce in Istanbul and its surroundings, as well as the experience of industrialists of the region, all of our talented and dedicated individuals come together here at Teknopark Istanbul to focus on specific areas of technology, particularly in the defense industry. 

We started our journey with the aim of becoming Turkey’s R&D base and now we host 311 companies such as Aselsan, TUSAŞ, TEI, Roketsan, STM, BMC Power, Aspilsan, Vestel Defence, Yaltes, C-Tech, Altınay Havacılık, Pavotek, Femsan, Armelsan, Kale Aerospace and Figes.