TenCate Advanced Armor and KIM Technologies Sign Partnership to Manufacture Composite Armor Systems in Turkey

Date: Issue 114 - July 2022

TenCate Advanced Armor has finalized an agreement with the Turkey-based manufacturing and technologies company KIM Technologies for local production of composite armor systems. With this partnership, TenCate Advanced Armor is taking significant steps to address the requirements for localization in Turkey to further support Turkish-based OEMs.

“Having a partnership with local Turkish manufacturing is a critical milestone for TenCate Advanced Armor. This will enable us to transfer technology to Turkish OEMs to develop and supply some of the most advanced vehicle platforms within NATO” says Steen TANDERUP, CEO of TenCate Advanced Armor. He adds “engaging with the Turkish vehicle OEMs is also important due to Turkey’s requirement for high level protection solutions based on STANAG 4569 specifications, an area in which TenCate Advanced Armor is recognized as a market leader.”