Thales Awarded Contract by French MoD to Build Deployable Communications Networks for Theatres of Operations

Date: Issue 120 - February 2023

The French defence procurement agency (DGA) has entrusted Thales with the design of deployable and high-speed communications networks for theatres of operations, a major asset for collaborative combat. Thales will deliver more than 200 modular, mobile stations in phase 3 of the ASTRIDE 3 contract. Rapid to deploy and compliant with NATO interoperability standards, ASTRIDE 3 will enable France to command coalition forces as a framework nation, as well as provide the French armed forces with an autonomous multi-brigade force projection capability.

ASTRIDE 3 will meet all these requirements by integrating new connectivity systems such as latest-generation satellite terminals (SYRACUSE IV), HCLOS (high-capacity line-of-sight) communications, tactical software-defined radios (CONTACT) and digital wireless services (LTE technology). These assets will interconnect the battlespace and provide a resilient network of connected command posts from theatre level down to tactical units. ASTRIDE 3 could also offer defence cloud hosting capabilities to meet the needs of collaborative command structures and support a broader computer network defence (CND) initiative to deal with cyber threats.