Thales Group to Use Aselsan Modules for Radars

Issue 55

Thales, one of the world’s leading defence companies, will be procuring the transmitter/receiver (T/R Modules) from Aselsan in order to use them for the production of SMART-S Mk2 3-D Research Radars that are being utilized by many Naval Forces throughout the world. The first order composed of 100 T/R Modules has been received and Aselsan will be starting the deliveries in 2015.

T/R Modules enable active phased-array antenna radar systems’ transmission and reception of signals with the state-of-the-art technology. Design of such modules requires high-level engineering capacity while their production involves specialized manufacturing infrastructure and background. Aselsan has been developing and manufacturing microwave modules that are used in new generation radars and electronic warfare system structures for over past ten years. The T/R Module product range has been developed within this respect and they appeal various radar systems with their diverse frequency bands. Aselsan’s T/R Modules stand out with their advantages in both cost and performance aspects.