The 19th General Assembly of Defense Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD)

The 19th General Assembly of Defense Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD) gathered in MKEK halls on 11 January 2008. Mr. M.Vecdi Gönül, the Mini

Date: Issue 9 - January 2008

My expectations from you are to follow the technological developments closely; to focus on studies to find solutions in an operational area for the Turkish Armed Forces; to allocate at least 5% of your company revenue besides public sources to your search and development activities by cooperating with universities; to promote your project and company management disciplines and your quality standards to international norms; to increase your marketing and business development capabilities; to develop permanent cooperation with small and medium size enterprises and to be in coordination with these suppliers all the time”. Also, he said at the end of his speech that “ I wish SASAD as a representative of this very important sector would improve its efficiency and wish the defense industry successful years”.
In the ordinary general meeting agenda, directors of 2006 and 2007 period were discharged from the liabilities and new boards of directors, supervisors and discipline were elected. Once the board of election and management allotted the tasks, new authorized boards were formed as below:
Board of Directors:
• Ünal ÖNSİPAHİOĞLU (Chairman)
• Cengiz ERGENEMAN (Vice chairman)
• Hürsel KENDİR (Controller)
• Muharrem DÖRTKAŞLI
• Kudret ÖNEN
Board of Supervisors:
• Üner SOLAY
• Özden ÖZBEN
Board of Discipline:
• Enis EROL
• Yavuz YÜCEL
• Recep BARUT