The Armies Trust Us in Their Walk

by Kadir Yılmaz – General Manager of Vaneda

Issue 83

We are in an era in which change takes place very rapidly. Given the budgets granted, the defence industry has come to the forefront as the sector where advancements are first utilized. When I think about the work we carry out I can see that most probably the same products have been manufactured for decades but there have been great advancements in recent years as a result of advanced technology. 

The demands of both consumers and producers are changing completely due to the ease of access to information. This change that we all witness enables us to continuously renew our perspective regarding the work we undertake.  

We are a company with 45 years of history in footwear production. We have been continuously improving our production and as a result we first started to collaborate with the Turkish Armed Forces and then related countries.  We have managed to present products that are well accepted around the world with the inspiration we get from advanced technology. We have produced boots which are comfortable, light and ergonomic that can be used in any natural condition and for any situation in which they could be required by an army.  

If I have to talk about them briefly I have to first say that we have developed products which are 100% water resistant. We are employing Outdry technology for this purpose. Unlike other water-resistant technologies, Outdry prevents water absorption without getting heavier. 

Again, we produce different products using special materials for summer and winter conditions. We have a light boot series for increased mobility. We use all technological means in our models which are suitable for -39 oC and which do not become heavier  when in contact with water. We develop boots which absorb and release the moisture that develops on the feet with Sweloft technology. We are also very proud to be able to produce these products by using local materials. 

With our plant which is established on an area spanning 17.500 m2 we have the capacity to complete production for several armies of the world in one year. Our engineers continue to carry out R&D work for us at all times in the laboratory which is situated in our production plant. We see R&D studies as the most important means to add value to our company and to our customers. We are numerous and strong with our team which consists of 400 people with whom we love to work. 

Technology continues to improve, and the world continues to become smaller and we have no intention to stop.  We always want to produce the best products and to increase the number of countries that we cooperate with. We are proud to show the world that high quality products are being manufactured in Turkey with continuous innovation and a large distribution network. 

Our boots are always in the service of armies.