The ATC Annual Conference Continuing Dialogue to Get Turkey and the US Back on the Trade Growth Track; 200% Trade Growth in 3 Years is Possible

An Insightful Interview with Howard G. Beasey, President of the ATC

Date: Issue 70 - September 2016

Defence Turkey magazine had the opportunity to meet with ATC President and CEO Howard G. Beasey recently in Ankara. Mr. Beasey provided a comprehensive overview of the plans and expectations for the 2016 Annual Conference to be held October 30 – November 1 in Washington DC.  He also reflected upon the successful new strategies of the ATC within the last year.  

The ATC serves its members as a critical voice, source of knowledge, trade convener, and diplomatic counsel in both Washington, DC and Ankara. The ATC helps member companies grow by providing them opportunities to leverage their brand among chief stakeholders. The ATC’s advocacy efforts aim to shape policies that advance U.S.-Turkey trade relations. The organization’s local market expertise provides members with essential insights and information to enhance their strategic capabilities. They develop members’ networks by facilitating relationships with private sector leaders, educational institutions, policy makers, and high-level government officials.