METU-TAF MODSIMMER RESEARCH CENTER which was established by Middle

Issue 8 - January 2008

Known MODSIM products in the military area such as flight simulators, firing simulators and computer aided experimentation (CAX) have dual use and could be utilized in the civilian sectors, as well. The developments in IT including both software and hardware echnologies provide new opportunities for MODSIM systems. Most NATO nations have concentrated their efforts
in this area. Such efforts enable design of advanced and reliable defence systems that have high degree of precision, reliability and autonomy and low fault probability. With these ideas in mind, about 10 years ago, with cooperation of TAF, UDI and METU, the first MODSIM applications started to be developed at
METU. A MODSIM graduate program was started at METU Informatics Institute to educate necessary human resources. Following the most contemporary
and systematic approach, as a result of extreme effort and diligence, Sensor Simulation and Optimization, Radar Simulation, Modeling and
Simulation for Threat Based Ammunition Planning at Tactical Level, Modeling and Simulation of
Small Scale Contingency Operations and Conceptual Modelling Tool for C4ISR Simulations projects have been completed to satisfy the requirements of TAF. Joint Task Force Modelling
and Simulation Project is underway since last year. New project proposals are developed in the scope of Europe Union Framework Programmes, and
the scientific support programs of Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and NATO. The Center of Excellence will carry out
its activities in the new facility which is
planned to be completed in September 2008. The new facility is based on an architectural design which is ranked first and awarded in the competition arranged by Department of Architecture. The 3-floored building fits well to the campus landscape and will have three floors and 4260 m2 gross area. Inside the building, there will be various laboratories, testing equipment and project offices. Some
areas will be allocated for research domains such as visualization, interoperability and integration of simulations, high level architecture, network enabled capability, embedded simulators, artificial intelligence and optimization. The Center of Excellence for
MODSIM will enable many researchers to pursue research in their expertise area related to MODSIM in order to produce scientific and technologic outputs that will contribute to the
national defence.The ceremony program, for construction of the new facility on 10 October
2007, started with welcoming of thesecond chairman of the Turkish General Staff General Ergin Saygun by METU President Ural Akbulut. First, some projects such as Unmanned Air
Vehicle, Infrared Camera, Thermal Camera and Stealth Capability Development, on which METU
researchers works, were presented to the second chairman of the Turkish General Staff. Next, UAV and some military simulation projects were
exhibited in the office of the METU President. Then, all the audience passed to the construction area of the building to start the construction of the new facility. In the construction area, Assoc. Prof. Veysi Isler, who is the director of METU-TAF MODSIMMER, mentioned
about the mission and vision of the MODSIM Excellence Center. Afterwards, in his speech METU
President Prof. Dr. Ural Akbulut emphasized the leadership role of METU in pursuing R&D activities, specifically in establishing METU
Technopolis. Construction ceremony has been completed after appreciation speech of General Ergin Saygun, and sending the first plaster to the building construction, which was started by
General Ergin Saygun and Prof. Dr. Ural Akbulut.