The COMBAT SYSTEM SEA ACCEPTANCE TESTS for the first cruiser “TCG Heybeliada” (F-5

Date: Issue 29 - July 2011

01.07.2011, Istanbul – The COMBAT SYSTEM SEA ACCEPTANCE TESTS for the first cruiser “TCG Heybeliada” (F-511), built within the coverage of the MILGEM Project of the Turkish Armed Forces, was successfully completed. In the actual firing that took place within the coverage of SAT, the performance of the systems drew appreciation from the Naval Forces Command. In the SAT activities carried out on the Black Sea, Marmara and Saros Gulf, it was observed that in the Command-Control Cycle activities on the TCG Heybeliada, the “Assessment, Decision and Action” functions of the MILGEM Combat Management System (G-MSYS) were successfully executed.

MILGEM Project Manager Ço?kun Cebeci described his observations during the cruise period in the following way: “During the course of these tests functional flows were carried out. In this context, it was observed that the G-MSYS as a critical component of the Main Combat System successfully undertook the tactical command and control requirements of the command staff, in establishing and sustaining a tactical picture, tactical situation/threat assessment and the necessary decision support, sensor allocation, weapon placement/engagement planning and all related action/operations and in the execution of battle. With the integration of the sensors in the G-MSYS, it was noted that the detection, pursuit, classification and identification was obtained of surface and air factors located in the theater of operations and successfully presented to the command staff; and reconnaissance/patrol, monitoring and assignments involving basic battle types expected from the platform were supported with a high level of automation, decision-support and man-machine interface functions and executed.” Cebeci went on to say, “We have no doubt that with the second ship TCG Büyükada (F-512) we will continue our success in the same manner.”

As a sub-contractor to HAVELSAN and STM, YALTES proved its expertise on sea platforms with the combat management system; the integrated platform management systems and system integration in the MILGEM Project. Having started with the design, development and production phases in 2008 and after the successfully conclusion of the SAT activities in June of this year, the TCG Heybeliada is planned to be delivered to the Naval Forces Command during July 2011.