The Defense Industry Qualified Product List Program

Date: Issue 110 - October 2021

The Defense Industry Qualified Product List Program initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) was introduced at IDEF'21 Fair. SSB President Prof. İsmail Demir, officials from TRTEST Test and Evaluation Inc., which will carry out the project and industry representatives attended the ceremony.

In his speech at the ceremony, SSB President Demir gave information about the program. He expressed that there is a test and evaluation process following the development and production of defense industry products, but before the test and verification of the platforms or systems, the subsystems and components used in such systems also need to be tested and qualified. “Our main contractor companies generally prefer to use pre-qualified subsystems or components in their products, since it would not be cost and time efficient to carry out the required verification processes during the system supply process. Currently, companies that develop products at subsystem or component level have to have all or part of the testing and verification processes of their products done by foreign accredited institutions in order to obtain the conformity certificates of foreign equivalent products due to technical requirements in some cases. This creates an effect that prolongs processes and increases costs.”