The first global technology parks were founded in the United States in Northern California in 1952 under the name of Stanford Research Park (Silicone Valle

Issue 23 - November 2010

As a result of the changes in industrial policies in Italy, work on establishing the first technopark began in the early 1980s. Contrary to other countries, technoparks in Italy were founded in relatively underdeveloped regions and the first two technoparks were established in Bari and Trieste.

The initial activities to establish technology parks in Germany commenced in 1978 by the Technical University of Berlin. In 1983, the “Berlin Innovation and Business Incubation Center” was founded. This was followed by the second technology center in Aachen.

The first technology park initiative in France is the most developed one named Sophia Antipolis. It was founded in 1972 due to the decision taken that it was important in the national interest.

The “technopolis” idea in Japan took place in the 1980s and came about in the 1990s. The principle objective behind this idea was local and regional development.

In conclusion, an important segment of the value added generated by manufacturing and service industries in countries such as the United States, the U.K., France, Japan, China, Korea, India, Israel and Finland are due in large part to the R&D activities conducted within technology parks.