The Final Delivery Ceremony of New Type Patrol Boats TCG Tuzla and TCG Karaburun Took Place

Date: Issue 35 - September 2012

The final delivery ceremony of the Tuzla class Patrol Boats, first domestic warships TCG Tuzla (P-1200) and TCG Karaburun (P-1201) took place at the premises of the Undersecratariat for Defence Industries with the participation of the Undersecretary for Defence Industries Murad BAYAR, DEARSAN’s Chairman of the Board Baki GÖKBAYRAK, personnel of the Turkish Naval Forces, officials of the Undersecratariat for Defence Industries and the representatives of the subcontractors and supplier firms and the press. The boats will meet the need for New Type Patrol Boats of Turkish Naval Forces and the contract between DEARSAN and the Undersecratariat for Defence Indusries was signed in 2008 and the provisional delivery of the boats occurred last year.

DEARSAN’s Chairman of the Board Baki GÖKBAYRAK delivered a speech during the ceremony on behalf of his company and expressed his happiness and pride to deliver the very first battleboats built by the private sector in order to meet the requirements of the Naval Forces and carried on his words: "Building ships is a though procedure.Building warships is even harder.We witnessed and experienced the difficulties in delivering the ships to such a distinguished but tough customer as the Undersecratariat for Defence Industries. The provisional delivery of the first 5 boats was accomplished. 6 boats will be delivered in June and the construction of 16 boats will commence until the end of this year. GÖKBAYRAK claimed that a company will have to deliver the boats it built to its own Armed Forces before exporting boats to foreign companies and mentioned that his company currently has ongoing projects in three continents worth more than 500 million USD. The final delivery contract of the two boats was signed after the speeches.