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The First MFI-395 Primary Trainer Aircraft of Turkish Air Forces Roll-Out of the Paint Shop

December 04, 2020

Alan WARNES from Shephard Media shared a tweet from his personal twitter account on 4th December. He said: “AC Kamra Chairman, Air Marshal Noman told me last week the first MFI-17 Super Mushshak for the Turkish Air Force has been rolled out of the paint shop. It looks smart. The first of 52 on order.”

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), manufacturer of MFI-395 Super Mushshak Primary Trainer Aircraft, had disclosed at the 2019 Dubai Airshow that they would start deliveries to the TurAF in June 2020. However, no deliveries have taken place so far, this delay stems from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the information obtained from PAC officials during the Dubai Airshow, the first three MFI-395 Super Mushshak Primary Trainer Aircraft produced for the Turkish Air Forces (TurAF) would have arrived in Ankara in June 2020, and if the acceptance tests would have been performed and completed successfully following the delivery, an additional 7 aircraft would have been delivered by the end of 2020. Deliveries would have been performed every 6 months, each containing 10 aircraft and would have been completed by the end of 2022. According to the original project schedule the deliveries of MFI-395 Super Mushshaks should have been initiated in 2017.

According to this latest status, the first aircrafts of the program are expected to the delivered the Turkish Aerospace soon.

As may be recalled, within the scope of the Primary Trainer Aircraft Project, in line with the contracts signed on 23 November 2016 in Karachi - Pakistan and 10 May 2017 in Istanbul - Turkey, 52 Super Mushshak Aircraft will be procured for the TurAF from PAC Company. The pilot candidates of the TurAF will receive their Primary Flight Training in the MFI-17 395 Super Mushshak and then will get their Basic Flight Training in the HURKUS-B aircraft at the 2nd Main Jet Base in Izmir. The TurAF currently utilizes T-41D and SF-260D aircraft for primary level flight training of pilot candidates.  The aim was that 52 MFI-395 Super Mushshak Primary Trainer Aircraft ordered under the contract would replace T-41D and SF-260D aircraft, which have completed their life cycles. However, for different reasons, the delivery of MFI-395 Super Mushshak Aircraft have not yet begun at this point.

General Features of the MFI-395 Super Mushshak Aircraft:

·       Propeller engine

·       Conventional Stick Type Control

·       IFF and GPS capable of interrogating friend or foe

·       UHF/VHF radio

·       Basic maneuverability

·       Canopy for better vision both for trainers and trainees

·       Short take-off and landing

·       Higher crosswind limit

·       Lower stall and final approach speed

With the procurement of MFI-395 Super Mushshak Aircraft, flight training will be provided more effectively and effectively. With this project, a NATO member Air Force will induct the Super Mushshak Primary Training Aircraft in its inventory for the first time and use it in training activities.