The Fleet Tanker Delivered to Pakistan Navy

The Fleet Tanker, which was designed by STM under the leadership of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), was delivered to the Pakistan Navy

Date: Issue 87 - December 2018

The SSB’s subsidiary STM delivered the Fleet Tanker, which began development in 2013, to the Pakistan Navy on October 16, 2018. Pakistani President Arif ALVI, Pakistan Defence Production Minister Zobaida JALAL, President Defence Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR and STM Senior Management attended the ceremony.

PNS MOAWIN was designed by STM (main contractor) from scratch, according to the needs of the Pakistan Navy and was built by the Pakistani Defence Production Ministry at  the Karachi Shipyard.  The notable indigenous military cooperation between the two countries within the scope of the Fleet Tanker Project resulted in the successful construction of military ships between Pakistan and Turkey.

Within the scope of this project, which is one of Turkey’s most important projects in terms of military naval platform exports, more than 20 Turkish defence industry companies also had the chance to export to the Pakistani market. The tanker, which was successfully built as the first ship of its class, completed its sea trial test in the Indian Ocean on March 31, 2018.

Features of the Fleet Tanker

The Fleet tanker was developed by STM and Pakistani Naval Forces as the first ship of its class.  With a weight 16,400 tons and a length of approximately 158 meters, it can reach speeds of 20 knots with two propellers that have adjustable blade angles powered by two diesel motors.

With its Replenishment/Fueling-at-sea systems (RAS/FAS), the ship will support Pakistan Navy’s combat/auxiliary elements by transferring critical equipment such as fuel/water and ammunition to them at sea during operations, thus increasing their operational capability.

The ship has the capability of executing day and night helicopter landing/take-offs due to its hangar and platform and also has a comprehensive infirmary.