The largest aviation investors in Europe, and indeed the

Date: Issue 23 - November 2010

In the Seminar that took place at the Swisshotel in Istanbul, aside from the leading global aviation companies such as SELEX, INDRA, THALES and ENAV domestic representatives from the aviation industry also participated.
In addition to organizations and corporations such as DHM?, the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries, TÜB?TAK, KOGSEB, Havelsan, HEA?, TAI, TAV, THY and Çelebi, representatives from airline operators, the ?TU Aircraft and Aerospace Sciences Faculty, Anadolu University and Erzincan University that will participate in the Seminar, the Seminar provides important opportunities in terms of forming partnerships and sharing the knowledge with the world and Europe’s leading companies.
The General Manager of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation that is organizing the Seminar, Dr. Ali Ar?duru, stating that they were very pleased to have the R&D Seminar, of the SESAS Project, considered as the largest aviation project of the century, in Turkey said, “The developments taking place in the civil aviation industry and within the framework of the international opinion of Turkey becoming the future transit center, it was decided to hold the seminar in our country.
This seminar attended by over 150 participants from the world and from our country, is a significant opportunity for the investors in the aviation industry in our nation and, whatever share we receive from the 2.1 billion Euros Project will be that much better.”
Dr. Ali Ar?duru continued by saying: The SESAR Project is a joint undertaking of the European Union and EuroControl, and in terms of shaping the future of air traffic management and in developing the infrastructure technology, is one of the largest projects of the century.”
In the Single European Air Space Research and Development Seminar that is taking place here today and tomorrow, the SESAR Project will determine the future and the infrastructure technology of the European Air Traffic Management System and also targets the consideration of our industry’s contribution to this Project.
In the founding stage of the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU), very intense negotiations took place among the European Commission, EuroControl and members. During this process, even if all parties were not 100 percent satisfied at least a small understanding was reached and work was commenced. If we were to outline the conclusion reached:
The equality between EuroControl and the European Union was one between EU members and non-EU EuroControl members and ultimately was an equitable approach to the sharing of SJU output and intellectual property rights.
As a result of this process, even though the way has been opened for the representatives of non-EU EuroControl members, like Turkey, to participate in SJU activities, it can be seen that in our country stakeholders in industries like informatics R&D, electronics, defence industry and aerospace have not shown sufficient interest towards the SJU.
In fact, despite the persistent invitations of Mr. Patrick KY, Administrative Director of SJU and Mr. Daniel Calleja, Director of Administrative Board of SJU, contact has not been forthcoming as of now.
One of the targets of the Tenth Transportation Council held last year, Target 2023, is the article, “Realizing the national ATM infrastructure Technology” until the Centennial of our Republic.
In reaching this target, we are obliged to fulfill the responsibilities that fall on us as the State and as the private sector. In reaching this 2023 target, I think that there are significant opportunities for the representatives that are here today. Because participating with the company representatives with important knowledge in Europe is of the utmost importance.”
Adding that all the problems cannot be solved in two days, Mr. Ar?duru said: “Unity creates strength. Various stakeholders being together and sharing the opportunities is in the interest of all parties.”

The largest aviation investors in Europe, and indeed the world, gathered in Istanbul for the “Single European Air Space Research and Development Seminar.”
As the most important project in its history with a budget of 2.1 billion Euros, the Seminar, within the coverage of the Single European Air Space Air Traffic Management Researches (SESAR), will lay on the table industrial investments and opportunities for cooperation.
The most important players in aviation R&D, informatics and the electronic industries hosted by the Ministry of Transportation’s General Directorate of Civil Aviation met in Istanbul. As one of the largest projects in the industry with a starting budget of 2.1 billion Euros, SESAR will determine the future and the infrastructure of the European Air Traffic Management System.