The Goal of MKEK in line with its 2023 Vision is to Nationalize the 127 mm Naval Gun

MKEK President and CEO Yasin AKDERE, with whom we had the opportunity to meet at the SAHA EXPO 2021 Defense Aerospace Exhibition, held for the second time in Istanbul Expo Center, made important statements about the 76/62 mm Naval Gun project, which is still in the qualification process, as well as the 127 mm Naval Gun that MKEK aims to develop domestically.

Date: Issue 111 - December 2021

Defence Turkey: Could you evaluate the firing test conducted on November 10 and which is important for the initiation of the Qualification Process of the 76/62 mm Naval Gun?

Yasin AKDERE: In the 76/62 mm National Naval Gun project, in a short period of 12 months, together with our solution partners, we have developed a product that can meet the needs of our Naval Forces from A to Z with an indigenous design and has critical distinctions compared to the equivalents in the world. As of yesterday, we started the qualification firings. Such firings were performed individually and in series. As soon as we finalize the firing schedule, we will deploy our product on our ship.