The new range of wheeled armoured vehicle from the Turkish Company BMC at IDEF 2009

At the International Defence Industry Fair, the Turkish company BMC presents two new vehicles. The first one is the BMC-350-16 Z (4x4) MRAP, this vehicle is a member of the MRAP

Issue 17 - June 2009

The BMC-350-16 Z is equipped with armored cabin and glasses; shock absorber seats for the driver, the commander and 10 full armed personnel. The BMC 350-16 Z MRAP can carry 10 fully armed soldiers and it can resist 10kg TNT under wheels, 8kg TNT under body (stanag 4569 4a-3b). The second one, is the BMC-250-10 Z (4x4) WCV (Weapon Carrier Vehicle), this vehicle can also be used as MPAV (Multi Purpose Armoured Vehicle). The BMC 250-10 Z (4x4) is also equipped with armored cabin and glasses. The vehicle is equipped with shock absorber seats for driver, commander, and 7 to 9 full armed personnel. For his self-protection, the vehicle is equipped with ballistic armour.