The Only Name to Know in Soldier’s Knives – Victorinox AG

Sales Director Public Entities, Victorinox AG, Paul CAMENZIND discusses the company’s 30-year commercial market in Turkey, their successful history of providing Swiss Army Knives to military forces around the world. The famous pocket knives are a survival tool: multitaskers that deliver in any situation. At their most basic they are a blade: a precision cutting tool. At their most evolved they have pioneered space travel and restarted engines

Date: Issue 91 - May 2019

Defence Turkey: Founded in 1884, the company Victorinox AG has been supplying the soldier’s knife to Armed Forces since 1891. How would you best describe Victorinox AG today? Could you please provide some key facts about the company for our readers?  

Paul CAMENZIND: When I started with Victorinox 26 years ago the company was purely dedicated to producing cutlery, amongst others the world-famous Swiss Army Knife. Nowadays we have extended our product range also to wrist watches, travel gear and fragrances. This with the aim to strengthen Victorinox brand awareness worldwide and also to offer the consumer an overall Victorinox shopping experience in our own flagship and brand stores.