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The Outfitting Activities of TCG UFUK are at Full Speed

The outfitting activities of TCG UFUK are being carried out the scheduled program according to new footages shared via different social media accounts. TCG UFUK is expected to be delivered the Turkish Naval Forces in June 2020 unless any delay.

April 16, 2020

TAIS (Turkish Associated International Shipyards) is executing the construction of the TCG Ufuk (A-591) Test and Training Vessel (TVEG) for the Turkish Naval Forces Command (TNFC) under a contract signed between STM (Main Contractor) and SSB awarded on 30 December 2016. TVEG has a similar hull (have a mono-hull, displacement-type hull form) and superstructure design with the ADA Class Corvettes however it is equipped with a different type of Main Propulsion System (MPS). Contrary to CODAG configuration (two 595 Series MTU 16V595TE90 diesel engines and a LM2500 gas turbine generator) used in the ADA Class, the TVEG has a CODAD propulsion system (with only two MTU 20V 4000 M93L diesel engines, which also selected for the I Class frigates). İŞBİR on the other hand, also delivered the power group of four generators each with 750kW power capacity and installed within an acoustic capsule for the TVEG. TCG Ufuk TVEG will also have a different sensor and electronic equipment layout than the ADA Class Corvettes. The ADA Class Corvettes are equipped with a hangar and a helicopter deck with a single landing spot to accommodate one S-70B SeaHawk ASW/ASuW helicopter. However at TVEG even the helicopter deck is retained the hangar will be modified to accommodate unspecified electronic equipment and undisclosed number of operator consoles. To act as “Turkey’s Eyes and Ears in the Sea” TCG Ufuk TVEG was launched on 9 February 2019 at Tuzla Shipyard with the participation of President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, Minister of National Defence Hulusi AKAR, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa VARANK and President of Defence Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR. Following the completion on ongoing 40-month lasted fitting and testing phases TCG Ufuk will be delivered to the TNFC on 31 July 2020. At his address during launching ceremony President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN underlined that TCG Ufuk is the 5th MILGEM vessel after the TCG Kınalıada Corvette. ERDOĞAN stated that with a maximum speed of 18 knots and a 10-tonne helicopter platform, the ‘Ufuk’ Corvette is the first intelligence ship of Turkey developed and built with national resources and capabilities. ERDOĞAN said: “Today, with the ‘Ufuk’ Corvette, we acquire this capability that only a few countries have in the world.” TCG Ufuk (A-591), with its command control, electronic systems, test, and training system equipment to be provided by Aselsan, is intended to be used in signal and electronic intelligence missions (SIGINT/ELINT) in addition to the Test and Training Vessel requirements of the TNFC. The vessel will have a length of 99,5 meters, a beam of 14,4 meters, a maximum speed of 18 knots and endurance of 45 days.