The Past and Present Defence Industry Cooperation Between Turkey and Italy

by İbrahim SÜNNETÇİ

Date: Issue 88 - January 2019

In parallel with the developments in the local defence industry and the creation of new domestic capabilities as well as the high number of countries located in the Middle East, Eurasia, North Africa and Near and Far East, which constitute a potential market for Turkey’s target defence exports, the Turkish Defence & Aerospace Industry has turned to an attractive partner for arms manufacturers who wish to establish strategic partnerships with Turkish companies for both local and international markets. 

European countries such as Italy, the UK and Germany who believe that working with Turkish Defence & Aerospace Industry can bring mutual benefit and could create new opportunities in both their countries and other markets have been increasing their efforts to enhance cooperation between the industries of both countries and to explore opportunities to establish partnerships in the defence sector for sales to third countries, which are potential markets for Turkish defence exports.