“The process of Reform & Transformation Requires Constant Adaptation to New Situations and Circumstances”

Bosnia and Herzegovina Deputy of Minister of Defense for Resource Management Mr. Mirko OKOLIĆ discusses the country’s focus on continuous improvement of the security situation in the region and strengthening of good neighborly relations.

Date: Issue 105 - April 2021

Defence Turkey: How would you explain your job and official duties? How would you sum up your role?

Mirko OKOLIĆ: Based on the decision of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH (PA BiH) on the appointment of the Council of Ministers of BiH (SM BiH), I perform the duty of Deputy Minister of Defense for Resource Management. In principle, the management of this department implies the management of human and material resources, i.e. directing the work of three organizational units: personnel management, procurement and logistics, and finance and budget. This, of course, implies full and constant coordination with other organizational units of the MoD BiH in the field of policies and plans.