Issue 7 - January 2008

The year 2001 marked the important decision of Oztek Inc to launch a full R&D and production program in the area of “Technical Textiles” with the mission of producing textiles for the protection and well-being of civil and military end-users worldwide. Whereby , Oztek Textile carried out R&D activities which brought up specialty products like SPECTRA® Extreme Cold Weather Fabric and others for military , health, sports end uses, Thermal Free Suit Fabrics,

Infrared Free Suit Fabrics, Multispectral Nets(signal management systems, providing hiding against visual threats, FIR threats, NIR threats,

night vision detection systems-and radar hreats),N.B.C. Suit Fabrics(providing protection against nuclear biological and chemical warfare)

Antibacterial Fabrics, Breathable, Anti Mosquito Fabrics, Parachute Fabrics,Tent Fabric , 2ply and 3ply protective clothing fabrics etc. NBC 1001 Three Layer Nuclear Biological and Chemical Suit Fabric, Multispectral Camouflage Net and

Tex-therm Silver Invisible Fabric are patent protected. It’s also to be noted that Oztek extile are presently developing projects for inflatable and rigid collective N.B.C. protection systems. Mobile Camouflage for armored vehicles is another on going developing


Being the first producer in Turkey for Infrared Free Fabrics is a high-light of Oztek Textile’s achievements. Satisfying the needs of customers with quality products and competitive dvantages, respect to environment, fairplay and business ethics are the backbone of Oztek Inc’s corporate philosophy.

• Ability to meet civil and military


• Re-engineering potential for new

products development

• Just in time deliveries

• Competitive prices

• Providing soltutions

Make Oztek Inc to be a preferred business partner for many companies all around the globe.

“Better protection, better comfort, for better living through Oztek Techical Textiles”.