The Turkish Defense Industry’s Newest Consortium of 5 Shipyards; TAIS Sets Sail to Become a Global Brand

Date: Issue 74 - May 2017

TAIS, the Turkish Defense Industry continues to work as a modern, rapidly developing and dynamic sector, providing excellent opportunities for business partners, investors and customers all over the World. In this context, some portions of projects awarded by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries have been completed, and some are still under construction. All of the potential strength in the state-owned and private sectors has been mobilized for the MILGEM Project. Excellent cooperation has been demonstrated between the private sector, and in particular institutional information, utilizing the experience, facilities and personnel of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and Naval Forces Command, pertaining to program management, resource allocation, project management, design and shipbuilding. Developing projects in accordance with the ship building plan, manufacturing, and punctual delivery have all been carried out within a budget able to compete with the precedent set by our foreign predecessors.  The experience gained from these projects will be used in other military ship projects.  In addition, they will create opportunities for privately owned shipyards to expand into foreign markets with their certified and to-standard. A consortium named TAIS, with the cooperation of five shipyards: Anadolu Shipyard, Istanbul Shipyard, Sedef Shipyard, Sefine Shipyard and Selah Shipyard has been established due to the desire of our shipyards to export their products to the international market in the coming years with the momentum of their superior achievement level in the defense industry projects. Our shipyards, demonstrating great success with the support and contribution of the government, have the will to achieve greater accomplishments by exporting our products with the prestigious TAIS brand, in addition to providing all the requirements of our Navy. We wish for this new union to be established as TAIS in goodwill for the betterment of our community, our navy and our country.