The U.S. Approves T129 ATAK Export to Philippines

Date: Issue 108 - July 2021

In April 2021, TUSAŞ President & CEO Temel KOTİL made a statement on CNN Türk that the U.S. has given permission for the engines of the ATAK helicopters to be exported to the Philippines and that they will start the production of T129s in the coming months. KOTİL, on the other hand, stated that the United States has not yet approved for export to Pakistan.

Speaking at an event organized by Yıldız Technical University, TUSAŞ Corporate Marketing, and Communications President Serdar DEMİR stated that TUSAŞ had signed contracts with Pakistan and the Philippines for the export of T129 helicopters. "We are still waiting for Congress approval for Pakistan, and we are working for it. The approval process for the Philippines has been completed. For the first time, the ATAK helicopter will be exported abroad."