TNFC Design Project Office and the TF-2000 Air-Defense Warfare Destroyer

Director of the Turkish Naval Forces Command Design Project Office, Captain Timur DİLER

Date: Issue 113 - April 2022

First of all, before explaining the TF-2000 Air-Defense Warfare Destroyer, I would like to briefly introduce the Design Project Office Directorate. Equipped with design and construction know-how, as a result of the 65-year training policy of the Turkish Naval Forces Command and with this confidence, the Design Project Office Directorate was established as the MİLGEM Project Office on March 12, 2004, with a humble staff of 45 people who believed that they could design the first national warship of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Navy. All its staff consists of Turkish Naval Forces Command (TNFC) personnel, including Engineer Officers, NCOs, and civil servants. 

The Design Project Office operates in all disciplines required for designing a warship, such as shipbuilding, machinery, and electrical & electronics, and in this context, it can also perform detailed design activities along with form design, structural design, resistance and propulsion calculations, stability and maritime calculations, and platform and combat systems design. In addition, it also performs survivability analyses that require advanced engineering.