“Together for Peace” AMAN-23 Multinational Maritime Exercise

Date: Issue 121 - April 2023

Throughout history, the sea has been an important medium for economic prosperity. The waterways have been used as a medium of trade and have provided the impetus for growth of maritime enterprise. Over the years, dependence on the sea as an economical and efficient means of transport has grown and resulted in greater concern for the safety of the sea lines of communication (SLOCs). A SLOC is a route taken by a ship to transit from point A to B. In maritime terms, it should be short, economical and safe for transporting cargo. The SLOCs serve as umbilical cords of a state's economy. Therefore, any act that is inimical to the safety of the SLOCs, almost by definition, challenges security. 

The oceans produce up to 70% of the oxygen we breathe, cover about 71% of the earth’s surface and about 97% of the earth’s water can be found in the oceans. According to some estimations around 40% of the world’s population is living within 100km of coastal areas.