Tracked Logistic Carrier (TLC)

Issue 52 - April 2014

The ACV19 in its Tracked Logistic Carrier variant of the ACV15 & ACV19 Family of Vehicles is designed as a logistic cargo carrier that provides transportation of ammunition, rations, water and general cargo to forward areas in support of Mechanized Infantry and Armored Regiments and operates as part of A1 Echelon (Forward Support). 

The ACV19 Tracked Logistic Cargo Carrier (TLC) offers an ideal flexible platform for integration of a crane and flat bed for cargo carrying operations. The vehicle can utilize sub systems such as the suspension, power pack, cupola and drivers controls which are common to the ACV15 (ADNAN) FoV & ACV19 120mm Mortar carrier variant. Due to its modern suspension system, high power to weight ratio and low ground pressure the ACV19 TLC is capable of maneuvering cross-country in the most difficult terrain. It has the capability to maintain pace with modern MBT’s, Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Armoured Personnel carriers.