Ankara, 23 August 2011 – The Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSA?) signed a “Training

Issue 30 - October 2011

In the Defence Industry Executive Committee meeting that took place on 15 December 2010, a decision was reached to commence contract negotiations with TUSA? to begin the initial stage of the conceptual design of the training aircraft and combat jet as a national development project in order to meet the requirements of the Air Force Command after 2020.

In line with this decision and as a result of the work undertaken, the contract for the said conceptual design project and related technical and administrative documents were prepared and after negotiations by the parties concerned an agreement was reached.

Within the coverage of the 2-year contract, the following work will be realized in order to meet the Air Force Command’s requirements for the training aircraft and combat jet after 2020:

• Identifying operational requirements,
• Carrying out a needs analysis,
• Defining the concept of the aircraft and system/sub-systems,
• Researching the feasibility through national means and capabilities, and
• International collaboration models.

At the conclusion of the contract period, the results of the technical and administrative work realized will be evaluated by the Defence Industry Executive Committee and a final decision on the subsequent stage of the Project will take place.