TSSK: ODTÜ Teknokent Defence Industry Cluster

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

ODTÜ Teknokent is established with the purpose of playing a role in directing technology production and experience by supporting SMEs, and encouraging innovations and be one of the important elements of regional sustainable development among mainly the European Union countries that will strengthen international collaboration and creating an environment for the transfer of technology through giving priority to those companies that are capable of competing at global scale.

ODTÜ Teknokent has been involved in a variety of EU projects including BSN Anatolia and ELEEN under the scope of CIP, together with INNOCAP a Leonardo Project, NICE, Sincere, ReSIST, Smelnnov8gate, IP4INNO, RIS-Mersin and IRC-Anatolia under the scope of 6th Framework Project. It is worth to mention that on-going BSN Anatolia Project in which ODTÜ Teknokent is a consortium member, aims to provide innovation and business services to member companies to increase the competitiveness and innovative capacities of the SMEs in the Central Anatolia Region, thus contributing to diminish the ‘innovation gap’ between Europe and its main competitors.