Tümosan Wins Indigenous Power Pack Development Contract for “Altay” Turkish Main Battle Tank

Issue 55 - September 2014

In a decision adopted by the Turkish Defence Industry Executive Committee on 6 August 2014, the Turkish diesel engine and tractor manufacturer Tümosan has been tapped as the vendor to carry out the Indigenous Power Pack Development Project for the “Altay” Main Battle Tank, for which the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries completed its efforts on proposal evaluations. The committee decided to commence contract negotiations with Tümosan for the power pack that will be used by the “Altay” Main Battle Tank. The competition for the tender, pending for the past three years, pitted Tümosan against two other firms, HEMA and BMC.

Concerning the project which Tümosan has been pursuing since 2011, the company, in a statement addressed to the Public Disclosure Platform (an entity that facilitates the release of legally required notifications governing the Turkish capital markets and stock exchanges), stated that it had committed to implementing the project for the most reasonable price, with the highest amount of local content and at the shortest duration. The statement went on to say that “Tümosan will carry out the phases for the design, development, prototype production, integration into the “Altay” Main Battle Tank and system certifications, of the indigenous power pack.  The power pack for the Altay battle tank consists of diesel engine and hydro-mechanical transmission. As a company that produces its own tractor design at European Union standards, using diesel engines again produced by Tümosan, we share with our investors the honour of being tasked with the development of the power pack for the first indigenously produced Turkish battle tank.”