TURAÇ, Since 1987 to 2023…

Issue 61 - May 2015

1987 was a year that the story begun with the foundation of TURAÇ as a retail store, but thanks to the customer focused business understanding, grew to a wholesaler in 1990s. In the early 2000s TURAÇ became one of the largest marketing companies in Turkey for hunting and fishing industry. But it wasn’t enough. 

The most important milestone of the company which allows to break its shell, was to actuate the explosive manufacturing and processing factory, and the explosive depots with the capacity of 300 tons  in 2009 at Çankırı City that only 80 km’s away from Ankara. The factory built up according to the NATO Facility Security Standards, has stationed on 440 decare land, and consists of 13 buildings including test center, and laboratories. The head Office and Shipping Center of TURAÇ are in Ankara, and the showrooms are in Ankara and Istanbul.