Turkey and United Kingdom: Two Partners Complementing Each Other

By Latif Aral Aliş - Chairman of the Board of the Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association

Issue 83 - July 2018

The defence and aerospace industry in the world is changing. Nowadays, the leadership in technology is no longer a default characteristic for the traditional countries. Countries aiming to develop their defence and aerospace industries have been achieving unforeseen technological accomplishments, bringing dynamism to the industry.

This transformation is paving the way for new types of cooperation and synergy. One of the most concrete examples of this is the cooperation in defence and aerospace that has been recently developing between Turkey and the United Kingdom. The Turkish defence and aerospace industry has been strengthening its position in the world market today with its turnover reaching approximately to US$6.7 billion and its exports reaching US$1.8 billion. In this picture, if the following are taken into consideration, it could be clearly seen that in the future turnover and export figures beyond these figures could be achieved and a bigger potential exists in reality: