Turkey-Azerbaijan (TURAZ) Falcon 2015 Exercise

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

Turkey-Azerbaijan (TURAZ) Falcon 2015 Exercise was completed with the participation of Azerbaijani participants hosted by Turkey at the 3rd Main Jet Base Command in Konya between March 02- April 02, 2015. While  three F-16’s, three F-4E 2020’s, two AS-532 Cougar helicopters, two UH-1H helicopters  and an Airborne Warning & Control Aircraft ‘Peace Eagles’ were participating in the exercise  from the Turkish Air Force, three MIG-29’s, three SU-25’s and four MI-17 helicopters  from the Azerbaijan Air Forces participated from Azerbaijan. 

With the TURAZ Falcon 2015 exercise, the target is to enhance the mutual flight training, military training and cooperation commenced with the Azerbaijan Air Force.