Turkey Building up Momentum Abroad with Indigenous Design and Manufacture of Land Vehicles

In a detailed interview with Mr. Hüseyin Avşar, Head of Land Platfoms Department of Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, shares insight regarding the progress made

Issue 68 - June 2016

Defence Turkey: Dear Mr. Avşar, first of all we would like to thank you for your time. You have recently been appointed as the Land Platforms Department Head. How do you assess the capabilities that Turkey reached in respect to Land vehicle platforms, systems and sub-systems? What is your comment on the sector with its pros and cons?

As you know, the Turkish defense industry achieved great progress in recent years in almost all areas. Regarding the platforms, we reached a certain level within the scope of the projects conducted by our Undersecretariat where we could fulfill the demands of our army to a considerable extent through domestic facilities and capabilities. Today, with the indigenous products they developed, our companies are also actively involved in activities in the international markets where the competition is fierce.