Turkey Progresses Composite Propellant Technologies

The signing ceremony for the Rocket Fuel and Component Technologies of the  Technology Acquisition Road Map Projects as well as the Technology Acquisition Requirement (TKY) Projects implemented un

Issue 51 - March 2014

In the ceremony realised at the SSM, the following projects were signed with the principal contractor Roketsan: The ammonium dinitramite (ADN) Development Project; the Azido Polymer (AZP) Development Project; the Synthetic Jet Fuel (JP-10) Development (EKZO) Project; the Contactless Plug Programming Unit Development Project within the Rocket Fuel and Component Technologies under the coverage of Technology Acquisition Road Map Projects. On the other hand, the projects implemented by the SSM’s Weapon Systems Department where Roketsan is the principal contractor were signed under the coverage of the Technology Acquisition Requirement (TKY) Projects.  The projects to be co-ordinated by the Advanced Materials and Energy Group of the R&D and Technology Management Department are the Isophorone Diisocyanate Material Laboratory Scale Synthesis and Characterisation Studies, the Antioxidant Material Content Determination Studies and the Brushless DC Motor Development Project.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Defence Industries Undersecretary Bayar stated that the said projects were extremely important to the defence industry and indicated that private and public sector collaboration was crucial to the industry. Bayar said the following, “The strength of Turkey will rise from this association. This formulation is very important. As a result of this we are expecting a strong chemical reaction.”