Turkey Ramps up Modern Infantry Rifle MPT-76


Date: Issue 63 - September 2015

200 MPT-76 Modern Infantry Rifles were delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces within the scope of the first lot in 2014 and as part of the programme, the serial production procedure initiated with the signing of the contract by the SSM and MKEK. The Serial Production Period Contract was signed at an amount of 80 million TL ($30 million). It was noted that Turkish Armed Forces’ requirement for 7,62 mm infantry rifles would be covered with the MPT-76’s that would be manufactured within the scope of the project and they are planned to replace the 700,000 old versions of infantry rifles at the Armed Forces’ inventory within the next 20 years according to Turkey’s requirements. The MPT-76 Serial Production project was qualified under tough circumstances, initially fulfilling Armed Forces’ requirements, and then in the second stage, aiming to cover the needs of the allied countries.

Turkey’s first locally designed Modern Infantry Rifle