Turkey`s First and Only 5.56 x 45mm Light Machine Gun Qualified According to NATO Tests, KMG556

Date: Issue 111 - December 2021

KALEKALIP qualified Turkey's first and only domestic and national 5,56mm Light Machine Gun, KMG556, last September. During the qualification tests, KMG556 successfully completed 34 challenging tests according to NATO standards under the supervision of representatives from the SSB, STM, Land Forces Command, and General Directorate of Security.

The KMG556 Light Machine Gun was developed to meet the tactical needs of squad-level special-purpose infantry units by providing a high rate of sustained and accurate suppressive fire against enemy targets. KALEKALIP carried out the development activities of Turkey's first and only domestic and national Light Machine Gun, KMG556, with its own R&D team and resources. Chambered in 5,56 x 45mm, the KMG556 aims to become Turkey's new Light Machine Gun standard, strengthening the inventory of the Turkish Land Forces Command, Gendarmerie General Command, and the General Directorate of Security.