Turkey’s National Participation to DIMDEX 2014

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

A total of 184 participants from 54 countries and 21 battleships from 13 countries attended this year’s DIMDEX International Maritime and Defence Exhibition and Conference that took place between 25-27 March in Qatar’s capital Doha. As one of the major participants of the Exhibition, Turkey was represented with 25 defence industry companies under the coordination of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and demonstrated her products at a pavilion of 1159 square meters. ADIK, Ares, Aselsan, Baykar Makine, Bites, Dearsan, Etc-Is, Gate Elektronik, Havelsan, Havelsan Teknolojı Radar, Karel Elektronik, Makel, Meteksan Savunma, Milsoft, ODTU Teknokent, RMK Marine, Roketsan, Savronik, STM, Timsan, Transvaro, TÜBİTAK Bilgem, Yakupoğlu, Yaltes and Yonca Onuk were the Turkish companies attended the fair. 

Compared to the last year’s Exhibition, the regional countries’ participation was poor. As there were no participation from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, the Exhibition seemed a bit dull for the delegations. Turkish pavilion hosted Qatari Prime Minister Abdullah bin Nasır Halife el Sani and Qatari Defence Minister Hamad bin Ali el Attiye as well as number of official delegations from various countries throughout the Exhibition that lasted for three days.