Turkey`s National Radar MILSAR Successfully Detected Drifting Mines that Appeared after the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Date: Issue 114 - July 2022

MILSAR SAR/MTI Radar developed by Meteksan Defense as a project of the Defence Industry Agency was integrated into the ANKA unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the Turkish Naval Forces Command and started mine detection in April. President of Defence Industry Agency, Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir, announced the development of the usage of MILSAR, stating that Turkish UAVs have gained a new capability.

MILSAR Radar, which enables UAVs, which act as "observation points" in the sky with their long tenure, to be active even in severe weather conditions where electro-optical systems are ineffective or when flying over the cloud, has added mine detection to its capabilities. Turkey has become one of the few countries that can detect mines on the sea surface using radar technology from UAVs, thanks to the ANKA UAV integration of MILSAR.