Turkish Aerospace Debuts New Logo

Date: Issue 84 - August 2018

Turkish Aerospace, which maintains its position as a leader in the Aerospace industry of Turkey, is getting a fresh look with a new logo and identity. The company, which from the very first day of its establishment up until today is a ‘’source of pride’’ of the industry, has introduced its new logo. The swallow’s unique characteristics, which represents freedom, played a significant role in the logo identification process; and the subsequent selection of the ‘’ swallow bird’’ logo. 

The new logo will not only enhance the company’s international notoriety but also, empower their vision and mission to become one of the Most Prominent Aerospace Companies of the industry. Turkish Aerospace which strives to strengthen brand awareness through its developing range of products, aims to “bring a breath of fresh air” and raise its reputation to the highest level through the new logo.

“We have changed our logo by bringing “our glorious flag” and the domain of our products of “the sky” together. Thus, we started out in the belief that a new logo will improve our company’s culture to ensure our employees are ambitious, which can lead to increased profitability. This change will make a significant contribution in bringing our company up to the level of global competitiveness and in creating a brand known throughout the world”. 

While creating the new logo Temel KOTİL, Phd the President & CEO of Turkish Aerospace, carefully followed all the process and reassured his staff: ‘’We have started a totally new period with our new corporate identity within our activities which will shape the future by our power coming from the past. We are changing along with who we are and becoming transformed by our power. We are happy to reveal our new logo.’’