Turkish Air Force Shaping Its Future with ‘Made in Türkiye’ Air Platform Projects!

To ensure the security of our country in today`s risk and threat environment, we must be able to observe what is happening around us in real-time 24/7, we should always be one step ahead of our opponents by using the latest technology, we should be able to take immediate action against possible threats, and when necessary, we must be able to find and neutralize hostile elements without collateral damage, even if they hide in the most remote spots. The most important branch that can provide these capabilities is the Air Force.

Date: Issue 121 - April 2023

In the constantly evolving and expanding operational environment, the Turkish Air Force aligns its current capabilities with the needs of the future with the modernization projects it has implemented to fulfill the duties assigned to it by law, to adapt to ever-changing conditions, and to prevent possible threats. The TurAF, which has added modern platforms and weapon systems tailored for today's security and crisis environment to its inventory with modernization projects, a significant part of which is carried out with national resources, can thus fulfill its main mission and function of 'eliminating hostile targets' continuously and precisely. The Turkish Defense & Aerospace Sector has developed with remarkable progress in many areas during the last decade and today can compete in the international arena and can meet the majority of both the TurAF as well as its international customers’ requirements.

Major Made-In-Türkiye Next Generation Manned & Unmanned Jet Powered Air Platforms