Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Compose Backbone of Turkish Defense Industries with Power of its Subsidiaries & Affiliates

Founded on September 26, 1987 in consequence of the unification of the Land, Naval and Air Force Foundations through the "Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV/TAFF) Law No. 3388”, the objective of our Foundation has been determined as "to enhance the warfare of capability of Turkish Armed Forces through the national defense industry, establishing new defense industry areas and procuring warfare armament by providing the financial and spiritual support of citizens."

Date: Issue 109 - August 2021

TSKGV/TAFF, celebrating its 34th anniversary this year, has direct shares in a total of 14 companies, comprising 6 subsidiaries and 8 affiliates, each of which operating in important areas of our defense industry. As of today, taking into account the domestic and foreign companies in which the subsidiaries have direct or indirect shares, our Foundation has direct or indirect shares in a total of 61 companies. 

Having realized 42% of the Turkish Defense Industry's total sales and 33% of its exports in 2019, the share of subsidiaries in total R&D expenditures is at the level of 74%. The subsidiaries have 29% share in the total employment of the Turkish Defense Industry. In the 2019 ranking of Defense News, which ranks the 100 largest defense industry companies in the world according to their sales figures and is considered one of the most prestigious publications in this field, ASELSAN raised its position from 52nd to 48th place, TUSAŞ moved up 16 points to 53rd, ROKETSAN ranked 91st and HAVELSAN ranked 99th on the list.