Turkish Army AH-1W Super Cobra Helicopters Transferred to Naval Air Command

Date: Issue 113 - April 2022

With a ceremony held at Gölcük Naval Base on February 21, 2022, the first 4 of the 10 AH-1W Super Cobra Attack Helicopters in the inventory of the Army Aviation Command were delivered to the Naval Air Command and the helicopters then flew to Topel Naval Station. 

Subsequently, the 5th helicopter was photographed on March 9 and the 6th helicopter on March 15, 2022, over the Gulf of Izmit while flying to the Naval Air Station. The helicopters, which have turned exhaust nozzles (turned exhaust nozzles have better IR signature suppression than the old type exhausts. They also redirect the hot exhaust plume off the tail boom structure to reduce hot spots and improve the structural integrity of the tail boom), were still in Army Aviation Command colors (3 tone camouflage), and ‘Land Forces Command’ was written on their tail boom. On March 28, footage of the AH-1W Super Cobra Attack Helicopter (tail number TCB-81) in the Turkish Navy color (gray tone) was shared on social media. Later in early April, the tail numbers of 10 AH-1W Super Cobra Helicopters, whose deliveries were completed, were shared on the official website of the Turkish Naval Forces Command (TCB-80, TCB-81, TCB-82, TCB-83, TCB-84, TCB-85, TCB-86, TCB-87, TCB-88, and TCB-89).