Turkish Defense & Aerospace Industry’s Achievements in 2020 & Targets for 2021

Though it set new records in 2019 in terms of turnover and export figures, unfortunately the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry failed to achieve its targets in the export of defense and aerospace products due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a decrease by 16.8% compared to the figures of 2019 was recorded. However, a further increase in the export revenues and exceeding the record-shattering figures of 2019 are expected in 2021 with the start of the initial payments in line with the contracts signed in the final quarter of 2020 and the signing of new contracts. The export data on January and February 2021 seems to support such expectation.

Date: Issue 105 - April 2021

Despite the certain level of decrease in export revenues, the number of Turkish Defense and Aerospace companies in the list of world’s top 100 defense companies reached 7 with the inclusion of Havelsan and FNSS. Five more Turkish companies managed to enter this list in the last five years. Ranking 48th in the list with nearly US$ 2.3 billion turnover (95% from the sales of defense industry products) in 2019, Aselsan had its title written in the list of top 50 companies, TUSAŞ (53rd), BMC (89th), Roketsan (91st), STM (92nd), FNSS (98th) and Havelsan (99th) achieved to rank among the top 100 companies.

Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry uninterruptedly continued its production activities in shifts (production process has been divided into shifts and the number of employees in each shift has been decreased) despite the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to the measures adopted and special permissions and though certain products could not be delivered in planned amounts due to the delay in the procurement of some foreign sub-systems based on the explicit and implicit embargoes applied by the so-called friendly and allied nations, it pursued the delivery of the high-technology indigenous products demanded by the Turkish Armed Forces and Security Forces in 2020.